The Importance Of Social Media In The Egyptian Revolution

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The internet has occupied every aspect of our life such as; home, work, school, university, business, and so on. Human use internet to communicate and send information easier and faster. We do our daily activities through the internet like; sharing files and information, exchanging data and lots of other activities which are useful and beneficial in many terms. In fact, there are lots of websites on the internet to solve the primary need of human. Each of those separately does various tasks and offers a better solution for users. Some of attractive websites are called social media, which genuinely attract and engage people online. They are using by all categories of community and there is not any age limitation. These websites allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities. Nowadays, it is like a piece of cake for people to form in group and protest against political system of the country with these kinds of facilities. People can take part in revolution from any region of the world. It does not need physical attend or it does not need where they are or where they live; only they need to reach the internet and express their view about the …show more content…
As the situation of Egypt revolution, in times of crises, authorities may limit information sharing over a strict control over electronic communications. When the authorities in Egypt understood the key role social networking sites played in the revolution, the government first limited access to Facebook and Twitter. Later, it banned mobile phone networks to stopped people from communicating and when that did not work either, the government finally shutdown Internet access in the country completely. The government’s attempts, however, failed and people who could not communicate via social networking website they went out the street to demonstrate in greater

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