The Importance Of Social Media In Human Resource Management

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Register to read the introduction… The growth use of social media has already gained importance among every part of our lives since quite few years ago. Facebook, the second most popular social media sites which current has over 500 million users after Google (KPMG, February, 2012). Social media could benefit an organization in many areas; however, if not used and managed effectively, it can cause many legal aspects, financial risks and personnel risks. Given the potential risks and benefits of social media in the workplace, it is crucial for HR managers to develop policies and procedures governing its appropriate use. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media are changing the way we interact, and many organizations are struggling to respond to the dynamic environment changes. HR is the keepers of policy, procedure for the employee until social media changed the game. Many organizations started realizing the importance for social media and it is not only about community and relationships but about how to increase businesses exposure to local job hunters and business network. In the coming years companies will take social media in advancement which going to be the year of emerging social media in HR. According to 80% of companies use social media for recruitment and 95% of them use Linkedh (KPMG, February, 2012). In particular, most Fortune 500 companies have already ongoing using social media in human resource management.HR managers need to find effective ways to communicate policies, administer, training employees and update systems, prevent turnover ,manage company culture, ensure morale is high, facilitate change, enable succession and identify staffing needs, and so much more. The power of relationship management and social media are well documented for recruiting processes. All companies should have a social media policy in a place to …show more content…
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