How Does Social Media Affect Small Business

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In order to make businesses convenience, the human have been the innovation of the different tools from long history. For example, the currency, vehicle, and many other tools. After Twenty-first century beginning, the world has entered the Internet age. Many useful new technology tools have been invented to make human life more convenient. This situation leads to increasing number of managers of businesses try to use new technology tools including social media to help to boost their businesses, the influences of social media for businesses have found, especially for small businesses.
Recently, large number of enterprises use social media to enhance their businesses because it has many benefits for businesses, especially for small businesses. First
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There are some social changes for both small businesses managers and consumers by social media. Social media leads to the customers having a new role that is “content creators” for business (Akar& Topcu, 2011, Journal Of Internet Commerce, p.59). It means that people will found which things is great, and they will advertising some things which they experience great and attract people to try. In the other word, consumers can provide the power for trend of production. Social media also change the society that it leads to increasing people to begin their own small businesses. Many people prefer to small businesses but they cannot run their own business because they lack the money and knowledge. The social media changes this situation, the owner will study from different people whoever their specialists, competitors or partners, they occupy 49% of micro- enterprises surveyed (Eddy, 2014, Eweek, 14). In addition, Eddy claimed that 37% small business use social media in both discovery and consideration parts, which became the driven for financial product. These changes lead to people easier to begin their own

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