The Importance Of Social Media Background Checks

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The problem that we seek to resolve is employers having the power and means to disqualify potential job candidates during the hiring process due to online posts made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin. We do not believe that it’s ethical for companies to use social media background checks to gather information about an applicant. Nor do we think it’s fair for employers to make hasty assumptions about said applicant based on the limited information shown on their individual social media accounts. Many people share their personal opinions, photos, and experiences online with the expectation that their comments will remain secure within a predetermined sphere of privacy. According to the expert opinion we received from Professor Gibbons, …show more content…
A sanction is legally defined as a provision of law that enacts a penalty for disobedience or a reward for obedience. Operation Middleground will have both positive and negative sanctions. Our positive incentive program requires assistance from the Better Business Bureau. We will create a distinct logo that will symbolize businesses that follow our regulations. This positive exposure will attract more applicants to any company whose website, application, or business listing possesses this logo. After establishing a partnership with the Better Business Bureau, the BBB’s online complaint system will be modified to include discrimination claims and employee-employer disputes. Any company that does not adhere to our regulations regarding social media background checks will have its name added to a violation list that will be made accessible to the public. The threat of this substantial amount of negative exposure should provide general deterrence for most businesses. If a company conducts a social media background check on a potential employee that severely infringes upon an applicant’s privacy, then that company will be required to pay a non-negotiable fee of $550 dollars to our

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