The Importance Of Social Media And Traditional Media

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Media focus on delivering news to the general audience or the target audience. Along with the development of technology, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Weibo are gradually gaining in popularity. Meanwhile, such as traditional media, newspapers, magazines, television and radio are facing a recession. Although traditional media has fallen, social media has merely taken a chunk of the online media scene. Traditional media is still irreplaceable, since it has a higher level of credibility. This essay illustrates that social media will not replace the traditional one and they will coexist in the future. In recent years, social media are becoming popular. Social media are where people can share their encounters and interesting …show more content…
Social media and traditional media have their own strengths and weaknesses. Both of them are important for people to obtain news or information for the following reasons.On the one hand, according to the Dutta-Bergman (2014), social media and traditional media will be complementary, depending on the fact that the argument that media types compete with each other for resources. For example, on Facebook, there are some traditional media Identifications, such as BBC news. This case shows that even Facebook is a social media platform, the context may be caught through traditional media. The credibility is much higher than the ordinary identification. People who obtain news from social media also can get the truth. On the other hand, traditional media can develop itself. In the present society, online newspaper and applications are increasingly popular. Many traditional media develop their own official website, people can get access to the e-edition newspaper for free and it catches the news as easy as social media do. According to IiMedia Research (2015), in China, news application is the preferred channel and is the first selection of modern citizens. BBC news has its application and it brings people more convenience. Moreover, people can share their own opinions on online newspaper and give some comments under the news. It is the strength of social media. Traditional media can take the advantage of social media, but it is hard for social media to improve the credibility because of the anonymous identifications. It does not mean that social media will not attack people. It can cause news spread quickly and shape public

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