The Importance Of Social Life

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A high school student’s main focus in life at this moment is keeping their GPA up while being able to do the things they love while also balancing a social life; however, this can become quite overwhelming. They cannot concentrate on one thing more than another or else everything goes off balance. A student should have at least one day off every two weeks to keep up with their schedule. Even if they have everything done, they could also use that day to socialize with friends. The amount of stress a high school student accumulates, as well as teachers, can become too overwhelming at times and they deserve a day every two weeks to catch up with schoolwork or for them to have time for themselves. The amount of work given to the student is the …show more content…
Having a social life is very important to a tennager; they communicate with their friends and go out while forgetting about things. This can be good, because with this type of activity, they get time to themselves which benefits them for various reasons. A major thing a teenager has to know is that, just because they have a lot of things to do, they CAN have fun.
Sometimes teens can get overly distracted because of social media sites. They see their school work and they decide they can do it later. They put off their work and choose social media over their education and things that actually matter. When they realize that they have been putting it off for a good amount of time, it is too late. They have either passed the due date or it is just too late at night for them to do
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For my first question I asked, she answered “Finals. You get to the end of the Semester and you get all bunched up with a lot of things you have to study. What I personally do is, I look on Infinite Campus and look at my current grades. Once I see my lowest ones I dedicate a little more time to that specific class while also focusing on the other classes I have, but more on the lowest one. This helps, but the stress is still there.” While she kept telling me and explaining to me on how she keeps up with work, we came across a different subject; “who puts more stress on her?” Celeste sighed before she answered this question, “Everyone actually. My parents, Clubs, other family members, basically everyone. I always want my mom to be proud of me and see me as a good daughter that will get somewhere good in life, but by just thinking that, I get more stress put on me. If I do bad in one subject and she sees it, I get hurt a little more than she does, because I brought that disappointment to her. Having good grades and my future means everything to both of us.” She continued with saying,, “Clubs

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