The Importance Of Social Interaction And Communication

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A classroom community has direct influence in a student’s engagement and achievement in these three ways: shows the student the value and meaning behind social interaction and collaboration (Launspach, S., 2008) ♠, trust from the student to the teacher provides willingness to ask questions and seek help (Maele, D. v., & Houtte, M. v., 2011)♠, help students develop the ability communicate through successful discourse (Birnie, B. F., 2016) ♠. These main ideas satisfy the three definitions of community, a unified body of individuals, society at large, and joint ownership or participation (Greene, K., & Mitcham, K. C., 2012) ♠. This research reveals that through the creation of a community in the classroom, causes an increase in motivation and …show more content…
The goal of the study was clear; it wanted to mold those students into individuals who were able to fully communicate. Even though not everyone would agree with the rules Frances made in her class, the value of the idea still holds true. By hearing the way that students communicate, a teacher can better help them equip them with the skills to communicate. In a way, by hearing a student communicate and noticing struggles that they have as well as helping them realize their struggles by producing a set of rules for successful discourse, the teacher is bearing the load of the student. Together the student and teacher work together to fix what they heard. Frances also made the argument, throughout the article, that she was also preparing them for their lives in society which falls under another example of community as defined by Greene and Mitcham (2012) ♠. The important part to Frances’ method was that she made the end goal of the work for successful discourse very clear. She made sure the student understood that she was doing it because she confident that it was going to help them communicate in society (Birnie, B. F., 2016) ♠. It is my understanding that participation would increase under this model because the end goal was clear to the students and the fact that the …show more content…
It is important for the student to fully trust the teacher, because of that it is important that meetings between the two exclude talk about academic performance (Maele, D. v., & Houtte, M. v., 2011) ♠. Although the idea of community is imagined as a group of people, two individuals can still do their part to build the group community. Teacher and students are different, and because each student will see their teacher differently, it is important to, at least, provide an opportunity for a student to talk to their teacher about anything they want. It is important to provide a clear time where students can meet with the teacher and discuss whatever they would like. Forcing participation seems as though it would hurt trust and Maele and Houtte (2011) ♠, made it clear that trust is very important. That is why I is important for the teacher to make it clear that the talks are not about academics. I also think it is important for a teacher to open it up to the possibility of small groups coming to meet with that teacher as a way to help student feel more comfortable and confident about meeting. These meetings develop trust, and through deciding to meet boost participation, because the student is choosing to engage more in the class even if it is not directly related to

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