The Influence Of Social Media On Politics

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Social imagination: a term used by many sociologists to describe the natural tendency for humans to compare their personal experiences with a broad world event. This causes a sequential chain of events that establishes a deeper connection and understanding of one’s situation. However, in modern society, people now overlook one method that allows humans, specifically citizens of the United States, to feel this deeper connection: Media. The United States thrives due to its numerous innovative and unimaginable feats presented throughout media. From social media websites to live news broadcasts, society thrives through media’s quick and accessible resources. Although accessible media is considered one of the greatest sensations from the modern world, it has caused major issues for people all around the world. Through its different forms, media portrays information in a varied manner. For instance, social media websites focus on specific information and present it in a different way compared to that of a news broadcast. However, it is shown throughout numerous mediums that news broadcasts are the primary source of manipulation. News broadcasts globally …show more content…
To be more precise, both candidates have differing views on race in our country. However, media focuses heavily on the information from Donald Trump, as it is typically said in a disrespectful manner. Throughout this election, Trump’s bigotry echoed through media due to his extreme notions, yet one incident is documented as Trump’s fatal mistake. Recently, the Democratic National Convention occurred in the city of Philadelphia, where millions of people gathered in support of that specific political party. One speaker, named Khizr Khan, discussed his son’s death and his ultimate sacrifice to fight in this country. Media, moved by this speech, broadcasted this speech to a majority of national news

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