Richard Rodriguez Play In Social Division

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There are many factors that play a role in social division in our society. Social division is a result of any type of diversity where not everyone is similar. The difference in gender, age, or even food preference can separate a society. However, one of the more common and detrimental divisions is cultural backgrounds. Cultural backgrounds can be extremely different and strange to an outsider looking in. These differing cultures, beliefs, morals, and way of life separates how one group of people view themselves and the world and how others do. Rodriguez, King, and Cofer all have had different experiences in which social division has impacted their lives and, they each have found ways that have helped them cope with it.
In the case of Rodriguez in “Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”, Rodriguez deals with the after effects of being born into an immigrant family. The separation of languages and different cultures causes him and his family to in a way alienate themselves from the society around them. They refer to their Caucasian neighbors as “gringos”. Rodriguez opens up with how he only was “able to understand some fifty stray English words” (Rodriguez 321) when he first
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The segregation that is visible plays a huge role in the division of society. He talks about the unfairness that the minority face and experience everyday just because of the color of their skin. This not only affects the individual emotionally and psychologically but also inspires violence and hate in society as a whole. He mentions the horrific actions of the Birmingham police force. The separation of society is a physical barrier in which the police “push and curse old Negro women and young Negro girls…slap and kick old Negro men and young boys” (King 218). These unjust actions continue to create a barrier in which there is a low level of respect and love for another

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