Gym Social Construction

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Sociology is based on the idea of following rules, which govern our behavior, however; there is no written rule that elaborates these facts. Society has created undefined rules that are assigned to objects and events in the environment. Social construction is an idea that appears to be natural, therefore one accepts it even if it doesn’t represent reality, and so it remains artifice of a given society. One example of a socially contracted object is the gym. Gym exists because society has created a standard on how one physique should look like. Gyms are meant to be stress relievers, a place where one comes and breaks a sweat with no intention of anything else. Yet, society has created gyms a place where it depicts sexual interaction, gender discrimination, cultural stereotype and where bodies are on display as objects of desire. Gyms are socially contracted because they can be defined in many perspectives: historical, cross-cultural, …show more content…
This is how gyms have been socially contracted, one uses the gym as a tool to fit in societies world. Gyms are social constructions because they couldn’t have existed without societies this is because society- independent items. Every society has an individual perspective on how we should live our lives. The social norms emphasized in modern society now do not render the same social norms projected fifty years ago, or are even similar to the ones in a different society such as India. It is then seen that in society, cultures play a major role in the shaping of an individual. Through cultures the essentials of language, symbols, values, norms, artifacts, and technology are distributed. All these plays major parts of the instructions of a society without them society would not be kept together. In other words, society needs these instruments to separate them from counter

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