Is Life Better Without Social Classes

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I would watch one of the videos and think, “Life would be so much better without social classes.” Then I would watch another video and think the opposite where social classes is necessary. From watching episode #1 of the videos, it really showed how rude and judgmental people are about other people. And it got me thinking that if there really were no social class, no differences in appearance and wealth, then maybe the world would be a more peaceful and friendly environment. One of the girls in that episode was calling people names saying that person is a dork or that person is a loser or that person is ghetto. Those are words that can really affect someone’s mind and cause them to think down of themselves because the ones that are judging them are supposedly …show more content…
It does harm because people seem to choose money over happiness and they think that money is the answer to being happy. But the American Dream can also be good because it allows people to work harder to be the best they can be. It teaches people how to live in this world and to want to achieve at something in life. I think it depends on where you live honestly. The “American Dream” honestly isn’t something in Denmark, but the concept of it isn’t something that they seem to worry about. From the video I watched, they aren’t going to being worrying about student debts or graduating on time because the government pays for their education and they can take as long as they want. Once they are finished with their schooling, then they can find a job that makes them happy and live a happy life with their family, not worrying about the amount of money they are making. And this isn’t what it’s like in America. We are paying are way through college without even a guarantee that we will find a job. And if we do find a job, will it pay the bills? The American Dream is a very controversial topic that I think does the same amount of harm as it does

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