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Social and emotional learning (SEL) programs are one of the most successful interventions to promote the progressive growth of students. There are a few issues with developing teenagers as they become more mature and learn self-awareness. These issues come down to the growth and hormones that happen throughout high school. With everything that is happening to their bodies some find it difficult to see a connection between school work and their life. This is why it is important to create an ongoing relationship with the students so that you can provide options that will appeal to their hobbies, interests, and cultural backgrounds.

As a new teacher, their will be a considerable amount of difference in SEL development between teachers and students.
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Pedagogical strategies that promote SEL are divided into three facilitators defined by Zubric, et al. (2010), these include intellectual flexibility, good language development, and emotional support. Intellectual flexibility promotes easy temperament and the tolerance of new situations. Good language development promotes young children’s communication skills so that they can effectively express their ideas and social status. Emotional support can promote students to celebrate development milestones, and protection from inappropriate disapproval, teasing or punishment. (Zubrick, et al., 2010). With the use following pedagogical strategies and teaching subject ‘computer education’, SEL can be incorporated in a number of ways. Computer education or better know IT has the opportunity to teach students on how to evaluate their on own progress through individual thinking and group discussion. IT helps support student’s capabilities in researching information, developing ideas and trying these out, exchanging and sharing information and critically reflecting on the quality of the process of developing knowledge from a variety of sources of information. (Ellis, 1965, Loveless, NetLibrary, & Ebooks Corporation, 2001). Students will solve problems in their code through a process of self evaluation, peer evaluation, and teacher help. With these supporting processes students will …show more content…
Intellectual flexibility is shown through the use of clear instruction and behavioural management. This is also a progressive adaption as student learn about classroom guidelines and expectations. Good language development is shown through the use of using another teaching strategy called Think-Pair-Share. This is an effective way of getting student to reflect on their own thoughts and share with the person next to them. Emotional support is also shown though the use of peer feedback at the end of the lesson. Having constant feedback within the classroom is a major contributor to SEL. This lesson also allows the students to express their spiritual, social, cultural, and emotional development through the use of a website about themselves. This lesson plan therefore incorporates pedagogical strategies and relevance to themselves to promote

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