Smart Growth In New York City

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Are you young and want more opportunities? Well Millennials achieve a lot living in the city. The cities infrastructure brings a lot of befits to someone whom is trying to find them self. The population is so high you can find anything to keep you motivated and striving to be a better you. But there are three main reasons I recommend the city to anybody and that’s for the helping hand, people and conveniences.
First, in the city everything is in walking distance. What makes everything in the cities so convenient is the attempt at smart growth. Smart growth was brought around in the 1950’s. Smart growth brings communities together and helps the economy while effectively protecting the environment and human health. The government also does projects
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With the cities infrastructure the government can easily build jobs in the middle of the busy streets; where as in a rural area someone would have to drive fifteen minutes to an hour away from their home to get to their jobs. Also, with a city with such a high population all ethnicities are needed and accepted. According to the Census Bureau, “population estimates, New York City’s population increased from 8, 175, 1331 in April of 2010 to 8,491,079 in July of 2014.” This tells someone how many people you would be around on a regular. This also lets someone be their self and not have to pretend to blend in with a community. Everyone is different in their own way, and all ethnicities are well needed and provided in job environments. For Example: If Mrs. Garcia and her family went to the hospital, because her son broke his leg at the playground and they could not speak English an employee who could speak Spanish would help them out. If it was not for diversity in the work place Mrs. Garcia and her family would not have gotten the help they needed.
Living in the city is just an amazing option for millennial s who want more opportunities; or who would to like to see more of what life offers. The broad range of jobs and government help develops a sense of stability. In addition the opportunities for social interactions helps one become more friendly and outgoing ; there is always something new to see or

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