The Importance Of Sleep: Why Can Improve Your Sleep?

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Why Do We Need Sleep? Sleep, why is it so important? Humans spend a lot of time sleeping, many people feel as if sleeping so much is simply a waste of time, and not necessary. Are they right? Is sleeping just a waste of valuable time, or is it necessary for our survival? In Experience Psychology (King, 2016) sleep is considered a necessary aspect of living a healthy life. Sleep has many benefits for all species. It allows the body time to recharge, and prevents the waste of energy. It also gives the body a chance to rebuild, and improve itself. Going without sleep has consequences on both physical …show more content…
There are several ways I can improve my sleep. One way is to reduce the time spent on electronics before bed. Looking at a bright screen right before I plan to go to bed usually makes it difficult for me to fall asleep. (King, 2016) Also, once I begin to watch something, I tend to get ready for bed far later than originally planned. Turning my devices off at least an hour before I plan on going to bed will help me fall asleep faster. Another way I can improve my sleep is to create a schedule for when to sleep. The times I usually go to bed differ night to night, and having a set time every night will help my body be ready to sleep at the scheduled time. A routine would also be beneficial, as it would also prepare my body for sleep. Doing certain actions, such as, reading a book, drinking a relaxing cup of herbal tea, or even some calming stretches could improve my sleep cycle. By reducing the time spent on electronics, having a set time to sleep, and having a set routine for before I go to bed will not only make it easier to fall asleep, but also help me get a deeper sleep as well. (pg.

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