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“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together” was once quoted by Thomas Dekker (sleep). This quote defines the importance of sleep to keep our bodies in good health. How much sleep do you get every night? How much sleep do children ages 5-10 need? Studies show that children ages 5-10 are recommended to have 11 hours asleep every night, while children age 11-18 only require 8 hours a night (Shroff). Due to the information found in these studies public school children in grades k-5 should start there school day at 9am, and students in grades 6th – 12th should begin school at 8am because the time change promotes positive mindset, allows recommended sleep, and provides beneficial schedules for all ages. Students attending …show more content…
Not every parent has their children go to daycare. Matter of fact parents of older children rely on them to watch their younger sibling’s afterschool. With grade school going beginning at 9am that puts schools releasing students at 4pm, while older students going in at 8am would be released an hour earlier providing amble time to prepare to watch younger siblings. Another way of looking at it is most high school students like to work after school to earn money for themselves. Getting out of school earlier allows them to either pick up extra hour of work or get home extra hour earlier to work on school assignments. The average winter morning temperature is 32 degrees in January (weather). Immune systems gain strength through healthy lifestyles and age. Do you really want to have children ages 5-10 standing in cold weather like that for on average 10 minutes waiting on a bus with their immune systems not fully developed or healthy due to lack of sleep? Healthy mindsets, recommended sleep, and beneficial schedules can be achieved by changing the start time of public school for students in grades k-5th to 9am and 6th grade to 12th grade to 8am. Let’s promote the future of our leaders to be as healthy and bright as

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