What Are The Negative Effects Of Slavery

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Kaylyn Cain
David Tubbs
October 6th, 2017

Slavery, the backbone of racial tension in not only America but the world. Many different ideals and ideologies come to a person's mind when the topic of slavery is brought up. Names such as Fredrick Douglas, Nat Turner, and Abraham Lincoln are all heavily associated with the term slavery. A good majority of the world would have a negative appeal with the word, however, there are some people that have a positive appeal with the word. For instance, slave trade did affect the economy and the money from it was able to be regulated by the government. One may believe that slavery could have had a positive impact on the economy and commerce, but
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As a result, the fact that many women and children served as sex slaves is often overlooked. Sally Johnson started off as a slave to a South Carolinian planter, James Henry Hammond, however, after a long-lived affair between the two they eventually got married. Following their affair, Johnson eventually got pregnant and had multiple children with him. To make matters worse, he eventually began to have sexual relations with his kids.
Many slave women were seen as sexual partners. They had to go through these senseless acts, but those who resisted were beaten. During this time, mulattos were made as a result of their relationship. Mulattos are ethnically mixed children. An example of a mulatto is William Ellison, he was one of the richest freedmen in the south. He was born into slavery and was also a mulatto. In the south, there were not many mulattos or black slave owners. The African American people who owned slaves inherited their own family
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One may believe that slavery could have had a positive impact on the economy and commerce, but harsh conditions, internal conflicts, and inequities all have a negative effect on the social structures of racism in America. Being taken against one's will knowing that they will never have a normal life again and that their freedom is gone is a lot to take in. Slavery has been a huge racial spur in the side of all races in America, and its impact still sits uneasily with African Americans today. Some would say slavery is in the past and Americans should move past it, but slavery is a crucial part of American history and it is not to be

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