Slave Trade In The 18th Century Essay

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In the seventeenth and eighteenth century tea and coffee were very popular. Tea was for the rich and coffee was for the poor. Both of them needed sugar so they used cheap labor so that they would make more money. In the sixteenth century around 75 thousand slaves were imported to Brazil. Before the eighteenth century Portugal was known for exporting and importing African slaves. A large number of the African Slaves worked in the Brazilian sugar industry, which is why it made most of the sugar supply of Europe. Around this time no one was doing anything to stop slavery, not even the Catholic or the Protestant churches. The reason that they didn’t do anything about slavery was because they made religion an excuse. The first Africans that went …show more content…
When the European servants finish their indenture, they get to go back home. Slaves will always be slaves and will never be free. Indentured servants also get to keep in touch with their families by sending them letters, but slaves get taken away from their loved ones and most likely never get to see them again. By the 1700s, there was more Africans than Europeans who were passed the Atlantic Ocean. The slave trade was ultimately driven by sugar, tobacco, coffee, and cotton. At the beginning of the slave trade the English colonies didn’t want anything to do with the slave trade, but Charles II had decided to allow a charter to the Royal African Company in 1672, which was considerably for the slave trade, by James Duke of York. In the document “Royal African company trades slaves for commodities” it discusses a lot about how the slaves were being traded for gold. By 1730 Britain dominated the slave trade. The triangle trade was how different nations traded slaves and crops. On leg one, it was from Europe to Africa and they transferred guns, textiles, and iron bars. On leg two, it was from Africa to North America and they imported slaves, gold, and

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