Communication Vs Listening

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One evening, I read an article about a Detroit judge that gave a racist, violent cop the sentencing that he deserved for the wrongful detainment and assault of a young black male. In light of that incident, it reminded me that having the ability to read showed me the importance of opinions, communication and listening as it allowed me to open my eyes to events occurring around the world and hearing other’s opinions about those events.
In today’s day and age, reading, writing, and communicating has become a fundamental part of daily life. Most of the ability to read and write is put towards the reading of a restaurant menu, announcements on bulletin boards, or reading comments from social media. Others use it to achieve a much broader goal, such as to obtain more knowledge about world news that continuously shapes a culture or society, or to communicate to others of what they
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Because listening is our access to understanding, if we don’t pay enough attention to the message being portrayed, it will ultimately be lost. While we listen consciously, that creates understanding, so that way we can better understand important events happening around us. A world where we do not listen to each other at all is a very scary place. I am guilty of spending most of my time contemplating and formulating responses in my head rather than listening to the other person during a conversation. The pressure of avoiding silence is too great for me, so I start creating responses in your head, but by the time I think of something interesting to reply with I realized that I missed a good portion of what that person just said.
To maintain a rich conversation good listening skills are needed, communication skills, and learn when and when not to convey an opinion. I’ve come to the conclusion that active listening is a skill worthy of developing, if for no other reason than it is becoming an increasingly rare

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