The Importance Of Sign Language In Children

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What is it like to have a conversation in complete silence? To have it be completely quiet, just white noise in the background, using only hands and body gestures to communicate and get the point across and understood. When watching sign language, anyone can tell you how expressive the language is and how beautiful the words simply flow from hand to hand, to each facial expression and gesture. Sign language is a beautiful gift that can be given to anyone, if they just took the time to learn it. Parents who know sign language and pass this down to their children in the infancy stage of their lives are benefiting their offspring more than they know. By teaching hearing, not only deaf, infants and toddlers sign language cognitive development in the child has …show more content…
An element considered while coming to the positive conclusion about the use of sign language is the study of children using the language inside the classroom setting. Educator and author Marilyn Daniels is able to be a suitor in the support for the positive aspect of sign language with her data and evidence that she has collected. Her experiment imitates another which was completed in a British classroom with the teachings and lessons delivered in British Sign. The success of her trial allowed for her to fully believe and support the use of American Sign Language (ASL) in the improvement of cognitive development. Specifically, her actions tested for English vocabulary and also reading level improvement which show significant and definite positive gains when the result returned from placement tests. The children who completed these experiments tested significantly higher than they did on examinations previous to the experiment, thus allowing for the conclusion of the positive effect sign language has on development. Daniels is also able to use many

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