Essay on The Importance Of Shakespeare 's ' A Lesson Before Dying '

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The Importance of Jefferson 's death in
A lesson Before Dying Essay
By:Abbas Rizvi
Mr.Tompkins P.5

In A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines, Jefferson 's death accomplished a lot more than his life could. It helped people understand that black people are just as powerful as white people. Jefferson 's death caused many people to notice how he shattered the myth that white people are better than black people. Jefferson’s death thought some people that blacks and whites are in fact equal or even better than white people. When Jefferson proves that he is not a hog, he had shown that white men are not superior to black men.

Grant wanted Jefferson to prove to himself that he is not a hog, he wanted Jefferson to see that white people are not better than black people. To do this he told Jefferson, “I want you to chip away at that myth by standing. I want you-yes, you-to call them liars. I want you to show them that you are as much as a man-More a man than they could ever be. That jury? You Call them men? That Judge? Is he a man?”(Gaines 190). Jefferson had thought of himself as a hog just because a white man said so and because of that he believed it. Grant thought that Jefferson is a man and he is not just a hog. Grant also taught him how white people are not superior to black people and how he should help “chip away at that myth”. Jefferson ultimately did this by thinking of himself as a man and going up to the chair as a man. Jefferson death did more than he could have…

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