Essay On Sexual Education

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When it comes to sexual health, many value religious opinion above scientific fact; choosing to be ignorant of the detrimental effects that restricting access to contraceptives and a proper sexual education poses on a society. The main excuse argued, is that Sexual education just encourages children to partake in such acts, and as such they should only be told “Not to do it”, or that the best form of protection is abstinence. However, this logic is heavily flawed. To say abstaining from something is the best way to be protected from possible outcomes, is absolutely ridiculous. By the same logic, the best way to avoid sports injuries is to never play sports, yet at one point in everyone’s life, they will play a sport. Hence,
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Deliberately choosing to withheld information on how to protect yourself against such dangers only enables risky behavior. Especially at an age where people naturally become interested in it. Yet, 27 states still teach abstinence only, only 12 states require the material be medically accurate, and only 8 require information be unbiased. These classes don’t cover consent, or that anything done without verbal consent is sexual assault. Pressuring someone into sex is not consent either, because the option to say no is taken away. It’s often not talked about what is and isn’t acceptable or legal when it comes to sex. It’s often not shown what a sexual coercion manipulation looks like either. What’s worse, is how society finds it acceptable and excusable. This can explain why people think someone can’t be raped by their spouse, when in fact, a legal document doesn’t revoke someone’s right to consent. People think it’s okay to have sex when one or both of the people are drunk- even if a yes is given, their too drunk to consent, and can be taken to court for rape. Sexual assault is also when someone has authority over another person, it can be considered as manipulating consent out of the other

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