The Importance Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses

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95 percent of victims that were sexual assault on college campuses do not report the sexual assault (The Case). Majority of sexual assaults that happen on a college campus, will never be reported. Victims will not report the sexual assaults because they are scared of how the college will handle the sexual assault. Colleges need to stop pushing sexual assaults away, and need to stand up and do something about the sexual assaults on college campuses. Although sexual assaults are an individuals responsible, colleges should take responsibility for the sexual assaults that happen on college campuses. Sexual assault is a general term for any type of sexual activity that occurs without consent, could include behaviors like unwanted touching or kissing, sexual contact with someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and unable to give an informed “yes” or “no”, rape or attempted rape. …show more content…
In Chronicle for Higher written by Robin Wilson said after the “Supreme Court case in 1980 schools are liable for student on student assaults” (Zeveloff). Colleges are responsible for the sexual assaults that happen on their campus. The Supreme Court case, made colleges liable for student on student assaults. The magazine of Women in Higher Education states that the “Clery Act ensures certain basic rights for victims of campus sexual assaults, not having the attack in the same class as the victim” (Proposed Legislation). Since colleges are responsible for the sexual assault case on their campus, they are also responsible in making sure that victims and attacker are not in the same class. They need to make sure that the victim is still getting an education, and feels safe going to class every day. The Clery Act helps protect students from facing the attacker. Colleges have a responsibility to prevent sexual assaults because the student goes to school

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