Persuasive Essay On Sexting In Schools

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Sexting is the involvement of sending explicit photos, images, and text messages or e-mails by using a cell phone or mobile device. "There has been 20% of teens who have sent or posted nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves and a 39% of teens that sent sexually suggestive messages via text, email or instant messaging.", according to To diminish these percentages one can take steps as to inform their child about self-respect; so that they won 't lower their self worth from sending explicit photos and messages, to enforce the laws against sexting, and for parents to monitor their child 's devices. By doing so one can see a significant change in the amount of teens sexting, and that over time sexting will be non existant. …show more content…
Knowingly possessing it, even without sending it on to another person, is illegal." A vast majority of sexting teens affect their school life as well as their home life. Therefore, schools should work with law enforcement to educate teens of the harm of sexting. Crackdown on the policy and procedures on handling teen sexting.
A drastic, but well needed, efforts to help teens from sexting and nip it in the butt at an early age would be for the parents to monitor their child 's phone. Parents should consider a formal monitoring system to track their young teens use on the Internet as well as their cell phone usage.
"Place your family’s communal computers in a public area of your home, such as the living room or kitchen. Make sure your children know that you monitor their devices for what websites they are viewing" stated on wikiHow, which may help prevent them from curiously looking up sexting or engaging in it online. By keeping track of their child 's chats and image content will surely help diminish the amount of teen sexting. The parents should be transparent and surly let their teens know what they are doing so there isn 't any trust

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