The Importance Of Sex On Marriage

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Furthermore, one’s own religion should stop a person from committing a sin. In every religion, having sex before marriage is considered as a sin. God created sex to be in a holy matrimony, not out of the constitution of marriage. As mentioned in the article “Why Should I Save Sex for Marriage?” by George Martin and Scott Myers (1996-1998) everything done at the right moment is most enjoyed. God forbids desecrating the body by committing a sin that is driven by sensuality and lust. When God creates something, it is for a reason and that applies to having sex before marriage. Having sex is a special and intimate act done between married couples. As stated in the article “6 Reasons Why Sex before Marriage Affects a Relationship” (2015) by Cristiane Cardoso sexual intercourse provides the couples tenderness and affection at the wrong time. That is everything is at best when waited for and done at the right moment, especially when one’s religion has forbidden such an act. When having sex with several partners in the past, the sparkle will fade away when the man/woman want to do it with their spouse. That is why God has created a body of laws for us to follow, and has forbidden things and made other things permissible. Additionally, religious consequences are an important aspect in one’s life. God does not merely forbid or permits an act …show more content…
In sensitive topics as premarital sex, perspectives and opinions differ. Some might claim that it is their body and they have the free will to do whatever they please without any restrains, while others believe that because it is their body they want to take good care of it, for one’s body is irreplaceable. The value of things are not well noticed unless it is lost. Therefore, one must not wait to lose the valuable thing they have and must treasure the values of it and that applies to the human body which is inimitable, matchless, and

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