The Importance Of Sex In Islam

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the first grade. In Alramaqia school, I was gossiping with the other students about our teachers. We had a beautiful fair skinned teacher named ‘Aasha Jani. She was always well dressed and wore tight skirts to school. The boys were saying that she was having affairs with one of the students in her science lab. This was confirmed by one the boys who swore that he saw her from the lab’s window. I could not verify his account but the roamers continued about her and how she was flirtatious with the other visiting fathers to the school. I was fascinated by the amount of attention she received and how her beauty swayed the boy and the men alike. She became the object of my obsession of how to attract attention by being an eye candy. I wanted to be like ‘Aasha and I started taking care of my outfit, my hair and my hygiene. I wanted …show more content…
But my friend Khalid said that “it is alright, having sex with a man for one time does not make you a xanith.” he assured me. But I was not convinced and started reading the Koran to learn about the story of the Prophet Lot and his people in Sodom and Gomorra. It says that Lot has warned his people not engage in homosexual acts and not to rape his angels, who appeared in masculine handsome men’s figure. Instead, he offered his daughters to the city’s people in the place of the angels. The story did not make much sense to me, as the Koran asserted that the of people of Sodom and Gomorra were the first to lust men only. However, I never dared to question the Koran and I felt a deep sense of guilt that was taking over me. Coincidently, my paternal family has moved to their new houses in the same street that my house was located at. My Grandmother Zargul wanted all of her children to be close to her, and thus four houses were built in close proximity to each other. This means that my uncle Abdul Rahman has moved in his new house as

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