The Importance Of Sex For Children

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“What is sex?” an innocent child would ask their parents. Most American parents would not like to discuss that topic with their children and rather let the schools or program teach it to them. Meanwhile in Europe, parents discuss the importance of having safe sex. They would provide a one-on-one discussion about sex to their children at a young age. While American parents would not have the “talk” to their children until they are teenager. Therefore, Americans should at least follow the European value of parents teaching sex to their young children in order for them to have a strong communication, preventing them to gain unreliable sources, and knowing the consequence.
Knowing the consequence of having sex can maintain STDs free and would be
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It is an important topic for them to discuss with their children since this can build a strong bond. Parents don’t realize, “teenage sex is a source of conflict in many American families” (Schalet). The conflict in American families is the unstable bond and trust issue. This means that the teenager does not have the desire to tell their parents about their sex lives or their partner because they are afraid of their reactions or the outcome. Meanwhile, the parents will never know their teenagers are with someone who can be a potential threat or be part of the family. This can cause them not knowing if their child needs help on relationship problems, preventing any STDs or becoming a parent. Once the parents discover their secret, they would get upset at them for not trusting them and would build up an argument. While American parents are lecturing their teenagers about ethical principles, in Europe, they are educating their children about human sexuality. In the UK, one woman had taught her child just like how her mother taught her. She stated, “it’s just information, and it’s there to be asked, and [my attitude is] I’ll tell you, to the best of my knowledge. If not, I’ll find out for you and then we can work through it” ( Dyson). This mother had created a comfortable atmosphere in which their offspring can easily tell them anything such as their relationship. Most European Parents’ attitude on educating their kids about sex is they are fine with it as long as their offsprings are open to discuss with them like that their children can avoid risky behaviors in adolescence. In the Netherlands, it was stated that when the parents or teachers are teaching their children about sex, it was, “about having open, honest conversations about love and relationships.”(De Melker). This mean that sex is not the only

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