Sex-Education In Public Schools

Sex Education Programs in Public Schools Sex education is a very important topic for all students to experience in grades 5-12. Public schools are focusing more on Abstinence-only programs. The Abstinence- only programs are more popular because the government provides funding to public schools for this program. The Abstinence-only program’s main focus is to convince students not to engage in sexual activity until married. However, public schools should focus more on Sexuality/Sex education than on the Abstinence-only program.
First of all the Abstinence-only program is not effective. A 2015 study show, young people ages 13-24 makeup 24 percent of new cases of HIV. Abstinence-only program is a program that teaches abstinence from sexual activity
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Students need to be taught what to expect when engaging in sexual activity and its consequences. At same time, it is advisable that programs teach all age appropriate material about safe sex to students. Why do Abstinence-only program not teach students the importance of safe sex, or the possible impact of sexually transmitted diseases? In addition the program is lacking in the area of education on teen pregnancy. “Statistics show that roughly one in four girls will become pregnant at least once by their 20th birthday. (NCLS, 2015)” The programs are not achieving goals and are flawed by the distorted and biased perspective that they teach. Abstinence-only program are less effective because the program can be more misleading than the Sex Education programs. According to Collins, sex education “respects the diversity of values and beliefs represented in the community and will complement and augment the sexuality education children receive from their families” (Collins, …show more content…
Society has migrated to solidifying that sex is cool and is the popular thing to do. The commercials, TV shows, and movies in this day and time, relays to teenagers that sexual activity is normal for them. With the impact that television and movies have on kids today, it make more sense for schools to go to Sex Ed. Program versus an Abstinence-only program. The Sex Ed program will prepare the kids with helpful information, so they can make the best decision based on circumstances. The student will know what to do if one becomes sexually active. Also he or she will know what consequences one could possible face. Hopefully, with the information provided to the student, it will encourage him or her to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. The Sex Ed program is proven to be more informative and all around a better program for K-12

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