The Importance Of Seven Gifts

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While it is the teacher’s job to make sure the student understands the material presented to them they must also make them believe in their potential as a person. According to the theory of Invitational Teaching classrooms should be a place for excitement and enrichment for everyone involved. Teachers have more power than some may believe. The way they behave in the classroom and the emotions they give off can effect the child more than the curriculum. Students can learn as many positive and negative traits from their teachers as they can from their parents. These days educators need to be more exciting, caring, and interesting for their students. Throughout my years of going to school I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be taught by teachers who have these very special gifts Nova explains in “Seven Gifts”.
One of the first gifts touched on was Optimism. Teachers with
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When he teaches a lesson he takes the time to make sure there’s an activity for every kind of student no matter their learning style. When first meeting Mr.Cummings he seemed a little frigid to the class but after a few weeks we all got comfortable with each other. Even with the level of comfortable we had we all knew the difference between no and yes. As simple as that may seem until being in his class it didn’t seem like such a big deal to still do something after someone said no. He proved that to be wrong after sending a few people out of the classroom for showing blatant disrespect even after he respected us. The passion he put into his lessons showed drastically in the work he gave out and the activities we did. He had us do everything from jeopardy to posters to writing a short story. You can tell he enjoys what he does and wants to spread knowledge to as many children as are willing to learn; I’m grateful I got to be one of

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