The Importance Of Healthy Settings

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Settings for Health are the place that people use in daily activities and where people produce or deal with problems relating to health (WHO, 1998). It is also a social context that contains the environmental and personal factors that affect health and wellbeing (WHO, 1998). Settings are generally recognized as having a physical extent, people with various defined roles with this extent, and an organizational structure, including workplaces, universities, islands, cities and prisons (WHO, 2015b). There are many actions and approaches are used to facilitate health through the different settings .The actions and approaches normally are integrated by several academic disciplines or professional specializations for health promotion. Those actions …show more content…
In addition, Jakarta Declaration in 1997 stated positively that particular settings offer practical opportunities for the implementation of comprehensive strategies and provide basic physical facilities for health promotion (WHO, 1997). Today, there are many different Healthy Settings are made use of promoting health of individuals and communities throughout the world. Healthy Settings remain a strong tool or method to improve the public health and integrate risk factors for helping the disease …show more content…
It can make use of various approaches to improve the knowledge and skills of worker for health management, and create an ideal environment and infrastructure to promote the health within and outside workplace, as well as bring about benefit to their families (Chu et al., 2000).

Furthermore, with the development of economy in the 21st century, many people consider the health and the environment in the workplace because many employees are increasing their working hours at the work site over recent years. Therefore, promoting health and well being in the workplace is turning into very important and enhance the health awareness of employees through a wide range of approach and cooperation of various sections(WHO, 2015a) .

Rationale for the requirement of healthy eating program in workplace

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