The Importance Of Service Essay

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The Abundance of Service
If there was ever one thing to make someone happy, unconditionally happy, it would be service. While not drinking alcohol, smoking, or doing drugs are very important, service is something that does not just help oneself but also another person. It’s like a double whammy! Large acts of service can sounds hectic, overly ambitious, even scary, but those scary things are not the only possible size of service. ur Lord and Savior, Christ the Redeemer, used active love to help those around him and to teach of the works of his father. Our Lord and Savior, Christ the Redeemer, believed in service of all kinds. His love for us was active, or in other words his love was service. According to M. Russell Ballard, “The love the Savior described is an active love. It is not manifested through large and heroic deeds but rather through simple acts of kindness and service.” He is saying that although those huge scary acts of service are nice, the small, daily acts of service that can be performed anywhere, anytime are the most important and most Christ-like.
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We can have all of the faith we want, we can know that the gospel is true but only if we act on that faith is it worth anything. One easy way to act on faith is through service. Mother Teresa always said that she saw Christ in everyone, so when she helped feed a hungry man, she was feeding Jesus or when she spoke to a crowd of faithful people, she was speaking to Jesus. We should all strive to have the abundant amount of small service accomplishments that Mother Teresa had through her

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