The Importance Of Service And Customers ' Satisfaction Essay

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Overall, customers’ satisfaction could be influenced by many factors. And it is complicated to estimate if service has an effect on it. Some researches agree about that service have a positive effect on customers’ satisfaction, and the others give an opposite thought. Therefore, to study the case about the relationship of service and customers’ satisfaction would be necessary.

Following a review of current literature, customers’ satisfaction could be effected by service or it can be effected by other factors. The level of customers’ satisfaction is dependent on how service is provided and how service be controlled. There appears to be a lack of qualitative research about the issues of the relationship between customers’ satisfaction and service. There is no current literature exists demonstrating how modern technology, specifically the tablets affect the service in the marketing that related in customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, the research question will be:

To what extent will tablets affect the customers’ satisfaction when tablets are used in service in the marketing?

Research philosophies express the assumptions about the ways in how people see the world and how knowledge can be transferred in different ways. To adopt a proper methodology is crucial for a research proposal. Quantitative research and qualitative research are usually used in a research proposal. This research proposal will adapt a qualitative approach with a interpretivist view. Quantitative…

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