The Importance Of Servant Leadership : Fonda Jordan Essays

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A servant leader engages the entire team or organization in a process that creates a shared vision, which inspires each person to stretch and reach deeper within himself or herself and to use everyone’s unique talents in whatever way is necessary to independently and interdependently achieve that shared vision (Greenleaf, 1977, p.3). Proving that servant leadership is not a leadership style reserved for religious leaders, Fonda Jordan, a seasoned Accounts Payable supervisor exemplifies this leadership style over her team of nine at DB Schenker. Fonda Jordan began her tenure with DB Schenker in 2009 as a temporary Accounts Payable Coordinator where she demonstrated her value to the company and was hired on in a permanent position. Her talents set her apart from other employees allowing for a promotion into a team lead position in 2014 and finally the Accounts Payable Supervisor position in 2015 when the position became vacant. While in her position, Ms. Jordan and her team have been recognized by the Chief Finance Officer for continuously meeting and exceeding both monthly closing deadlines and accuracy standards.

Interviewing Fonda Jordan provided insight into her philosophy on leadership and why she believes she is excelling in her position. Ms. Jordan credits her faith and previous roles within the Accounts Payable department as the foundation for her leadership style. Having transitioned into a supervisor position from a coordinator position Ms. Jordan garnered the…

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