Serial Killers In Today's Society

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The human race has never been pure. Some would say we have Eve to thank for that. Our society is made up of an unsettling amount of murderers, rapists, and other monsters, praying on the unsuspecting and defenseless. When an innocent life is ruthlessly taken, the pain does not end after the victims last breath. The families and friends of these victims are also affected by the cruel and barbaric actions of these monsters. They are left heart broken, angry, and often without closure. History dictates that as long as human beings harbor from free will, there will be those, such as serial killers, who freely choose to hurt others.
Serial Killers play a huge role in today’s society. Not all monsters are serial killers, some opposed to murdering, violate another person’s well being, such as rapists. Serial Killers stand out more than others because they are the vilest of people. They are everywhere. The majority of Serial Killers are walking amongst the human race, attempting to live the “normal” lifestyle. They are the master of
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The rape of women is a severe concept that has been brought to the attention of the people. A sad, but true, example is the gang rape and murder of two young teenage girls, 16-year-old Elizabeth Pena and 14-year-old Jennifer Ertman, this awful event happened in Houston, Texas back in 2013. The two girls were walking home when accidentally witnessing a gang initiation. The gang members took the two girls and raped them for over an hour and eventually beat them brutally until death. Shanna Smith, a previous worker at GEO prison, was asked where she thought rapists were categorized and her response was, “Rapists are in their own category of monster’s.” This terrible story was brought to the attention of the City and eventually led to justice for the two girls. All but two of the gang members involved in the horrific incident were sentenced to life and/or death in a Federal

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