Dan Ariely On Self Image Analysis

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Life gives us a limited amount of infinite time in the form of years, which could last about maybe 60-70 years. That’s not even for certain but we still choose to belittle the smaller things in life in order to get to our desired goals. Dan Ariely talks about self-image as being an intricate part of life. Thinking about it on a deeper level don’t we all play some type of role in life? Parent, child, teacher, or boss the list keeps going on. The image we choose to up hold when we leave out of our homes goes a long way in life. What I found most interesting the level to which individuals are willing to go to maintain their image.
Beginning with school, I thinks this is the starting point of dishonesty for the creation of our image begins. We’re more inclined to be influence by our peers, so we
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Come to think of it us as students we make friends that represent what we want to be or do in life. The point i 'm getting at is people only see others as tool instead of trying to get to know the person. The feeling of morality only comes into play with certain individuals, which is why its so hard to pin point what a person is up to. Unless you know a person their self image is merely a mask worn to deceive or mislead. Ive always pondered about that same question why do we do bad things and still feel like we are good or moral individuals. I mean nobodys perfect but in live we can be more ethical than others. Not ever one is having the feeling to do some irrational or unethical.But people can be monsters and not feel anything is wrong. What I was able to extrapolate from Ariely ideas on self image, when you meet a person they are merely of shell of who they truly are. You may never fully figure the person out. On top of that we as people are still discovering who we are individually. So to judge a person by the way they look doesn’t help figuring the person out. It actually help protect them from being seen or

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