The Importance Of Self-Change Project

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For my Self-Change Project I decided to work on changing my very bad habit of procrastinating, by practicing better time management skills. Procrastinating is something that I have done as far back as I can remember. I always waited until the last minute in everything I did from school projects, helping others, to even leaving out of the house. Everything I did was at the very last minute, to include starting school and signing up for classes. If I would have waited another semester to start school, I would have lost out on some of my military GI Bill benefits. I feel that changing this habit, will result into a better opportunity to become a better student as well as a better example for my children. If I am able to show up to class on-time, …show more content…
I couldn’t wait to give my kids a better start to their day, I couldn’t wait to serve my family dinner before eight every night, and I couldn’t wait to see the positive effects this would have on my school work. I set a schedule to complete everyday so that my day could run very smooth without being rushed or lacking in any area. The first thing I did was set my alarm for thirty minutes earlier, so that after I hit the snooze a few times I was still able to give myself an hour to get three people ready. The next thing on my schedule was to lay clothes out the night before so that the morning wasn’t filled with tearing up closets and figuring out where my daughter’s favorite top is with ten minutes left to get out the house. Now for dinner I decided that I will start implementing more crock pot meals, so that while I am at school, my dinner is cooking. This also opens up time when I get home from school, I am able to immediately review my note from class and have some study time, before my kids come home from school. I normally used this time to figure out what we are eating, then defrost the food, and most of the time run to the store to get last minute ingredients. These few but very big changes, made such a big difference in my day to day life. My children were much happier in the mornings, besides not being rushed in the mornings now, they were also able to go to bed at an earlier time due to my change in my meal planning. The crock pot meals was a fantastic idea, not only did it make it possible to get my children in bed at a decent time, it also made my husband very happy and helped us have more time to spend together before going to bed. Because of the meal changes I also had the time to study earlier, which resulted into better retaining information for classes and test. Within the two week period I was able to increase a test score by a whole letter grade in at least

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