The Importance Of Self Assessment

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Self-assessment can be a very difficult task. I think that honesty is very difficult for most people when it comes to facing who a person really is and how they are perceived in reality. Although honest self-assessment is the foundation for making positive changes in your life, this can be one of the hardest task that anyone will have to go through (Bethel University,2014). Self-assessment can apply to both personal and professional life. When you sit back and think about how you truly are, you can determine strengths that can be used to help others in need or encourage someone. You may find that there are some parts of your life that you need to work on. Something that you have developed over the years that might be holding you back from your …show more content…
Regular self-assessments can really help to maximize your ability to make sound decisions. I plan on focusing on my strengths to gain the most out of my career and schooling. Having resources available to help with writing is a benefit that comes with going to school online, using these sources can help with improving skills. I do take ownership of the areas that I scored poorly on and I am committed to working on these areas so that I can become a better professional, and …show more content…
Using an editorial style when writing a paper allows the reader to be able to have a precise understanding of the presentation and know where the author was able to obtain resources. Implementing the APA format in writing also helps to ensure success in academics by avoiding plagiarism.

When I first started at Bethel I did not know what APA format was and it became a challenge to learn. The biggest challenge I have encountered is knowing how to quote from different types of articles. In my last courses there have been books, journal articles, plays, and even the Bible that I have used in resources. Having the different resources enhances the content of a paper, but it can also be frustrating to ensure accuracy.

With the entire program using APA style for papers an advantage is not having to switch between styles of writing (Bethel University,2014). Learning APA has proven to be difficult but the advantages make it worth the task. With the APA format as a student I can make sure to give credit to the resources that I have used to write. I am also able to ensure that the work that I turn in is legible and in a good presentation for the reader. It also helps to make sure that I am writing in a format that makes it easy for the professor to know that I was able to

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