The Importance Of Segmentation In The Marketing Process

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Register to read the introduction… Identifying the needs to establish the persons and or situations that become ones potential market is the most important start to the marketing plan. The market is then defined and fixed to become more stable. Using a pre-determined market allows the facility to remain competitive and also allows key performance tracking indicators about the current market. One must define their market which is the basis for the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies. Repeating segmentation in the facility leads to a saturated marketed area, which will reduce the chances of modernization of new concepts. One would like to visualize a perfect market model but if done then this will blind ones other possibilities. …show more content…
What one does with these new concepts depends on the risks associated with their implementation. Segmentation serves the purpose of assisting the facility to make it through the first two stages in a eight-step process. Ideas are what make a facility happen. Creating new ideas which involve services offered to the target market are becoming more urgent. Competitors’ can catch on to a new idea and engage in continuous creativity to secure a profitable future. Facilities must continue to innovate if they are to grow and prosper in this economy. To remain competitive facilities must continue to analyze the market area and also keep up on the most up-to-date technology, advertisement and continue to maintain a positive perception of the facility and the surrounding

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