The Importance Of Security In Israel

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At the root of a nation’s security is its ability to create and maintain allies that will help insure peace, safety and the survival of the state - especially in a seemingly anarchic international arena. The United States has strategically chosen the nation of Israel as one of its allies. Whether this choice stems from an ideal American rapport with the most stable democratic nation in the Middle East, or from shared values and interests, such as security, education, democracy and independence, it has been said (by numerous American presidents) and proven that Israel can be confident in a lasting friendship with the United States.

Embedded in the proclaimed support for Israel is the American interest in Israeli peace. However, under current
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national security. This recognition is a driving force behind the strong investment in peace talks and negotiations. Nevertheless, both sides have taken part in hindering said negotiations – especially with the help of each party’s respective extreme side. In the past, Hamas has completely rejected the report of restarting peace talks and some right winged Israelis will not consider any division pre-1967 borders. Correspondingly, Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netenyahu, along with a majority of Israeli Jews do not believe that an immediate establishment of an Palestinian state would be best for Israeli interests. This may be attributed to the fear of the Palestinian state being controlled by Hamas. Be that as it may, failure to agree on governments and borders could result in a un-democratization of the Israeli state in the name of maintaining its Jewish majority. So while polls, from as recent as November 2014, have consistently shown that both Israelis and Palestinians do want a peaceful peace process eventually resulting in a two state solution , various confounding factors such as skepticism, distrust of American fair-mindedness, and reciprocated distrust all prove to be extraordinary hurdles in the …show more content…
For the United States, this friendship does have its costs – including sharing its most developed technologies with, and helping to finance the Israeli army. Being allied with Israel also means that hawkish enemies of the nation of Israel almost transitively become America’s enemies. Moreover, American opposition will meet any attempt of de-legitimization of the Israeli State. This American support proves to be germane to national security, as armed forces could easily be involved in such a situation, and all brands of adversaries, direct or indirect, pose a threat to the safety of

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