The Importance Of Seagrass

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Seagrass is on the decline around the world and it is an extremely vital marine ecosystem found in shallow water mainly distributed throughout tropical seas, from a temperature around 4oC to 24oC (Green
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While seagrass recovery can in some cases take years to recover, it can take only a matter of months for the destruction of entire seagrass beds. Water quality is a big factor to the health of seagrass; ensuring cleaner estuaries and coastal water could potentially minimise the pollution and run offs from the land affecting seagrass decline (Madden et al. 2009). Once a seagrass habitat is lost, it may not be possible for it to recover naturally, a series of restoration methods have been tried globally with varying results. Primarily for restoration to be successful, the water quality and condition must be favourable for restoration to last any length of time (Turner and Schwarz …show more content…
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