The Importance Of School Life

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With all the school work that I have, I thought of finding an activity that will take my mind off work. Apart from my biggest involvement in dance, I have also been involved with the Pre-Medical Society, summer programs, and church. In addition to relieving me from my school and family stress, being involved in such activities has helped my social and time management skills.
In school, I have involved myself in the Pre-Medical Society since the beginning of my freshman year. Every other week, different types of doctors come to my school and elaborate on their profession. They talk about how they what they achieved, what they had to study, and why the like it. Apart from getting to know different types of doctors, I also had the chance to take
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Also in summer 2014, I started to join Potential Church. I first found out about the church from a close friend who told me to volunteer with him there. His sister and he are very involved in the church and I thought I could be too. I went there for almost every day after I came back from my medical summer program until school started again. During my time at the church, I associated myself with the Backstage Team, Social group, and Dance Team. When being part of the Backstage Team, I had to think of activities before and after the priest give his sermons. Apart from the activities, we also help out set up the stage and props. So if chairs or board were needed, we helped them put them on stage and off stage. We help with the activities, one of the daily ones being the offerings. The Backstage Team would meet one hour before every service. The Social Group would meet early in the morning on Saturdays. One of my jobs was to call a bunch of the members of the church and catch up with them. I would call and ask why they have not come lately and to talk to them about upcoming events. We had to call them and leave a voicemail if they did not answer. This helped me get over my fear of leaving voicemails. Of course, if I have the chance to dance, I will do everything I can to do it. When I found out Potential Church was going to have a dance team, I was so enthusiastic to be a part of it. I auditioned and I was accepted. We usually had two-hour …show more content…
I had a good experience that I will cherish and remember forever. These experiences will be helpful when trying to choose what I want to do. For example, I loved my time helping out at Potential Church but I just know that it is something I enjoyed doing but not something I will consider doing for the rest of my life. I am grateful though I had the chance to work with the members at the church because then I would have never known that it was something I would not want end up doing. In the good side, I have met different kinds of people and I have grown into a well-rounded person. On the other hand, I love being part of the Pre-Med Society and being able to go to the National Youth Leadership Program. I am positive that I want to be part of the medical field. The summer program at Nova Southeastern University has taught more responsibility. Since my parents were not around, I had to wash my own clothes and wake up myself. I know I can count on my mom when I’m at home, but at the university, I had to be more responsible. It felt like a preview of my life in college and I am glad I got to experience this. Also, I received two college credits to George Mason University for completing the program. I am happy I had all these experiences that make me a little more positive in what I want in my

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