Explain Why School Kills Creativity

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School kills creativity

As Pablo Picasso said, “every child is an artist the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”. The question therefore is “why is staying an artist difficult”. Sir Ken Robinson, a British education and creativity expert, speaker, and a New York Times bestselling author gave, the example of a study that does research to that answer (The RSA., 2010). George Land who conducted the study asked: “how many uses can you think of for a paperclip”. Divergent thinkers will list hundred answers to that question while most people list 15 or less. He performed, the study on 1,500 kindergarten children in the ages from three-to-five. The end result of the study was that 98 percent of the children were creative thinkers. Five
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In this way, creativity promotes curiosity, intuition, fantasy, questioning, critical thinking, research and making and improving ideas and assignments. Creativity builds on what others come up with or make so that reflection, cooperation and feedback are extra skills that the student develops during creative thinking. Students are coming into contact with relevant problems that are posed in society. These are big questions about the world, life and who they are as a person. By stimulating creativity in education, students learn to think critically about these questions to give them personal form. Creative thinking is a continuous process in which students try and encounter different mistakes they make when solving the problem. These mistakes are essential for learning skills. Creativity is therefore not only important in 'creative subjects', but also in languages, social sciences courses and science subjects. By integrating creativity in these subjects, students will ask their own questions, think up, try out answers, make mistakes from which they learn, reflect critically, and work well with other

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