Saving Rainforests

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Saving the Rainforest

Work On Intro There are many rainforests in the world and they have a large effect on the ecosystem. But many people are using the rainforests and the logs as fuel and for money. We should keep rainforests and not destroy them because they are an important part of the ecosystem because they provide habitats for other species, prevent from erosion, take in CO₂, and medicines for the medical field.
Rainforests should be kept and preserved because they provide many essential needs for native and other people from around the world. Many people depend on the natural resources that the rainforest provides. “Millions of people around the world depend on forests for hunting, gathering and medicine, forest products such as rubber
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“And as fertile soil washes away, agricultural producers move on, clearing more forest and continuing the cycle of soil loss.” (“Impact”.) The rainforest plays an important role on the soil and environment around it. Without the trees the rich soil is lost and washed away. The agriculture plants that are grown in the soil are not strong enough to hold the soil in place. Therefore, the plants and soil are both lost. On the other hand, the trees that were originally in the rainforest are strong enough and can hold the soil. The soil then provides nutrient dirt for other plants and organisms. The eroded soil can also change the landscape of the area around it. Also soil saturates waterways and disrupting the food chain. Not only does the rainforest play an important part in the erosion of soils. But the rainforest is known as the lungs of the earth.”With the forests gone, CO2 is no longer transformed through photosynthesis, and the crops that replace forests only absorb a fraction of CO2 compared to rainforests. Along with industrial pollution, rampant deforestation in South America and elsewhere has significantly increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere" (“The Vital Links between”). The forest absorbs most CO2 throughout the year. With the rainforests destroyed there would be no greater …show more content…
A very large impact on the forest is the growth of farms and need of them. “Rising demand has created incentives to convert forests to farmland and pasture land.”(“Deforestation”). The rainforest is destroyed for many reasons. But the most popular reason that it is being taken is for the growth of agriculture. Many people are utilizing the rainforest as farming areas. The trees are taken and in turn cattle and fields are planted. About 80 percent of the destroyed rainforest is turned into cattle pastures. This is one of the many reasons that people are against saving the forests because of the need of land for agriculture. Another large reason that the forest is destroyed is the importance of natural resources. “There is high demand for the natural resources found in the Amazon, but weak law enforcement to safeguard them. In addition, inefficient extraction processes lead to the destruction of nature and wildlife” (“Threats”). The natural resources are the cause of the destruction. Many people gold mine, explore for oil, illegally log and even overharvesting of fish and other aquatic species. Humans are not the only the only threat to the rainforest; natural causes have an impact

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