Save Sharks Persuasive Speech

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Sharks may be dangerous in your eyes, but really they are living things that don’t mean to hurt you. They only will kill you like if they feel threatened. Like a bee, before they sting you they feel threatened by you. So they sting you. Kinda like a shark, right? People mostly kill sharks because of their fins. Brutal People! Just Brutal! So, Save Sharks, Don’t Destroy Them.

Okay, so me I personally prefer sharks not humans. Even though i am a human….. still. Humans don’t only kill sharks. Fishermen or hunters kill animals that will kill them, like a lion or something viscous. . How Rude! What i mean by only killing them for their fins are, when fishermen or hunters capture them, they cut of their fins and throw them back in the water. Then bring the sharks far away to another country, not United States. But somewhere like China. It was eaten in a Chinese restaurant. Then people that work at a restaurant or a factory, make soup out of the sharks fins. It’s called fin soup. Then the people think they are so cool because they have killed these sharks that did nothing to them. Poor things..

Sharks will mostly kill people from like, well lets just say, you cut yourself on a rock and you start to bleed. Sharks can sense blood so they go
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Like you know how people kill 11,000 sharks, almost 12,000. So should we kill 1 in a million years, please. Or not even kill any? See, that's what mean by limit. People kill to many creatures, not just sharks, like fish, crabs, even sea creatures. They kill lions, tigers, elephants just for their tusk. Also they kill animals that don’t even belong in the country. Like koalas, ostriches and other animals. So people, like hunters, should only kill animals if the animals are trying to kill them. That’s the reason why so many animals are gonna be extincted. The pandas were gonna be excited. But they were lucky. So should we put a limit on killing sharks? And other

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