The Importance Of Safety In Airports

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Register to read the introduction… Plane hijackings, bombings, and attacks have all occurred in previous years and have resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. The progression of safety measures, in almost any form, is continually improved over time through failures of the system preceding it. In order to understand the magnitude of the issue of airport security, it is essential to know what events have caused the extremely tight security at airports. One of the first major terrorist attacks involving airplanes was “on December 28, 1988” when “PanAm Flight 103 was blown up by a terrorist bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 people on board and 11 people on the ground” (Airport Security.). It became known as the Lockerbie Bombing and led to an immediate presidential reaction from the current president at the time, George Bush. Shortly following the bombing, “Presidentbombing, “President George Bush appointed a commisioncommission to investigate possible screening reforms that would prevent a repeat of the tragedy” (Airport Security.). We now know, however, that President Bush’s efforts did not accomplish the desired goal as there have been several more terrorist bombings since. One of the main reasons for this shortcoming was the reluctance of the creation of a unit to monitor future threats. Rep. James Oberstar was one of the members on the “House …show more content…
As technology keeps advancing, it will become harder for terrorists to attack airplanes, but as of now, body scanners are the most effective way to prevent terrorists from boarding planes and their success has been proven since there have not been any attacks while they have been implemented. People have opinions on both sides of the matter, but the facts show that the scanners are the best way to prevent airborne terrorist attacks. Without them, you would have to hope that luck is on your side and the next plane you board isn’t going to be the last. So is that privacy and convenience at the airport really worth risking your life

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