The Importance Of STEM Education In The United States

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American people are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to live their everyday lives. Technology, a subset of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), is an enormous part of the typical American day. STEM is everywhere: all bridges were designed by engineers, a pill taken daily was created with science, a cell phone is technology, and the odds of winning the lottery is mathematics; and the prominence of technology in American lives is not going anywhere, as it seems every new invention and innovation are based upon STEM. Because of the importance of STEM to the American culture, it would seem that STEM education would be a priority. Yet, the United States is nowhere near the top of the ranks in the world in science or mathematics. And considering the fact that STEM importance is only increasing in the nation, it is simply unacceptable. So, to prepare …show more content…
America has a high want for all things electronic, which encompasses all of STEM and underscores the importance that America finds in STEM. Right now Americans are increasing the demand for all things STEM and this demand is only going to increase. For example, the demand for cell phones in America is insatiable, and many are now reliant upon having their cell phone in their life (Smith). Cell phones, a direct product of the STEM fields, are just one product that make STEM prevalent in today’s world. To help support the technology and advances in technology, there must be a higher emphasis in STEM education. Without STEM education, the invention of new technology may be stunted, and potential inventions may never be thought of, severely hindering the people of America who are using technology more than ever. The solution that allows technology to continue its advances in America is better STEM education, which will encourage more students to find a STEM career and help make the technology that runs the

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