The Importance Of SMART Moves

Register to read the introduction… Personal and interpersonal processes of development was recorded as well as development of initiative skills such as learning to set goals, management of time, and learning strategies for emotional regulation (Dworkin, Larson, Hansen, 2003). Other programs can encourage these skills with a game or activity, such as assigning tasks to the children with a desired result leading to either a reward or punishment. These skills could then be later used in the job market or for personal schedule management, as well as problem solving and making difficult decisions. The children could then use what they've learned to develop a more concrete thought about the society that affects them and how it relates to them personally.
This is where a program such as SMART Moves plays an important role, because it teaches the children about some of the dangers they may face as they continue to grow and develop in the world. SMART Moves is a program developed to teach children about how the world around them plays an especially important role in their development. It also teaches them how the media and those directly involved in their life with shape their behavior and that only they have the power to control their
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It is those teaching our "tomorrows future" that we need to worry about. From them, it is where children develop some of their personal qualities and social skills; an argument left to be discussed by nature vs. nurture. Children can develop on their own, but they need someone to help them focus on the skills they will use to succeed in society, rather then what pokemon cards have more power, even though it can be argued that pokemon can be used as a teaching stone to help a child understand math in an easier …show more content…
Such experiences will help in the development of the child's own thought process as well as their social well being. These programs can help reinforce lessons and skills that are learned in the classroom as well as what is learned in the outside world. A child's creativity must never be smothered with what a couple of governmental officials say should be learned, rather, they should be encouraged to explore and learn as much as possible, understand that there is more to life then yes or no. After school programs are those places where a child can learn to be actively involved in shaping their

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