The Importance Of Rumors In Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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In Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare obsesses over the abundance of rumors within the play whether it being good or bad. The play Much Ado About Nothing is based on the common fact that rumors are spread intentionally to either bring people together or tear them apart. Ethically speaking the play is derived from the common theme of romance and the trials and tribulations it brings along the way. While looking into the characters more in depth, many characters take note of each other, due to the love that can be created or the hate that can be discharged and made acknowledgeable. While this comedic play is supposed to bring laughter to the audience it brings the audience on a treacherous adventure to find the truth behind the rumors …show more content…
It’s funny to think that Shakespeare would write a play solely about rumors and what can be affected if evil is put into place due to jealousy or the inability to find love. When it comes to noting, we as humans tend to note on command without even thinking, it is called judgment. We judge other persons as a 6th sense without us even realizing. Shakespeare most likely wrote this play as an advocate to not spread rumors unless they are meant for good and knowing both parties want the same thing. This era was of comedy and romance so it was a great way to read a Shakespearean play that is so relevant today. Rumors are spread like wildfire and they are mostly consisted of lies that hurt other people. It is meant for comedy and one’s own pleasure but in some circumstances it can be used to bring people together such as it did for Beatrice and Benedict. But when regarding Hero and Claudio it was a disaster, the rumor was intended to hurt Hero and for Claudio to slander due to the mischievous Don John and his jealousy towards his brother and fellow friends. William Shakespeare took the time to write down this comedic play to not only enforce comedic relief but to also show the people of the time how much rumors can destroy or build. Rumors and noting was very emphasized throughout the play and we as readers can definitely tell where the comedy was and where it was serious as like Shakespeare’s other plays. Trials and tribulations go hand in hand when it comes to rumors and noting but throughout the play we can see that each character had a major purpose when detecting the rumors and how to resolve them. For Beatrice and Benedict, it was to find out they truly love each other and as for Hero and Claudio, Claudio had to mourn for the loss of Hero and show his loyalty once again. In the end rumors can be the cause of love and

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