The Importance Of Roman Tribune In Julius Caesar

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Has anyone ever wondered what a Roman tribune is? “A Roman tribune is an officer or magistrate chosen by the people, to protect them from the oppression of the patricians, or nobles and to defend their liberties against any attempts that might be made upon them by the senate or consuls” (Alchin). The leader of a tribe was known as the ‘tribunus’, which is ‘tribune’ in Latin. A tribune has ten ordinary people in it. These ten people hold a good deal of power and have the ability to dismiss any law. This paper is going to be all about Roman tribune and how it 's important to the play, Julius Caesar. The tribune acted as the leader in civil and religious matters and also in war. At first, there was one Roman tribune in each division from the three tribes, which are, Ramnes, Luceres, and Tities. In the time of Polybius, a Greek historian, the number of people in each division was six. The tribunes nominated the commanders in a century and …show more content…
The three tribunes are Flavius, Murellus, and Casca, the two Roman generals are Cassius, an old friend of Caesar, and Julius Caesar, the one who is about to become king, and the Roman nobleman is Brutis, Caesar’s nephew. In act one, scene one, in the play, Julius Caesar, Flavius and Merallus, the two Roman tribunes were walking in the street when they saw the commoners wearing their best clothes, instead of their leather apron. This shows that the people expect the commoners to wear their old and worn out clothes so that they could differentiate between the commoners, and the tribunes, the upper class. Like it was written in the last paragraph, the tribunes were known by their clothes. That’s why when Flavius and Murellus saw the commoners wearing their best clothes they asked them about their occupation, because they thought that they were also tribunes like

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