The Media's Influence On Young Girls

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“Who said girls want to dress in pink and play with dolls?” (Miller, 2013). Girls aren’t given the option to choose what they want. For instance, girls are pushed into liking pink and playing with Barbie’s because “that’s what girls do”. When a girl is seen playing with boy toys, they are automatically thought as tomboyish or masculine. However, that is not the case. The toys that are created for girls to play with are very sexist. Most toys are like vacuums, kitchen toys, dolls while the on the other hand, boys have engineering games, Legos, math and science kits (Miller, 2013). For this reason, girls grow up thinking that they can only do certain things. Their way of thinking is being molded into the belief that certain careers are for women …show more content…
Commercials, movies, shows play a huge role in people’s lives. By broadcasting it worldwide what females should or should not be doing, it plays with girls’ minds, and they start believing it. The media keeps stereotyping STEM careers with geeky men (Huhman, 2012), which makes girls believe that those careers are for men. However, there are people out there who are trying to encourage young girls that it is okay to not play with dolls. For instance, there’s a commercial that came out in 2013 for a girl’s game, and it was a very empowering commercial. The commercial is for GoldieBlox. According to Miller (2013), it is a construction toy for girls, and they get to build a variety of things from a mansion to a float. In the ad, there are three girls who are watching girls dressed in pink being princesses on the TV. They are bored watching that, so instead, they grab “a tool kit, goggles, and hard hats” and, they built a machine that “sends pink teacups and baby dolls flying through the house” (Gonchar, 2013). In the background of the commercial, you can hear the girls singing, and some of the lyrics are “Girls build a spaceship. Girls code the new app. Girls that grow up knowing that they can engineer that… Don’t underestimate girls” (Miller, 2013). The lyrics demonstrate that girls can do anything they set their minds to, and it also helps girls realize that they are allow to engineer, built, and create. These types of ads and games can encourage girls to pursue STEM careers when they grow up because the media is not unconsciously putting them down. It is important to note that these are young girls in the video which means that we should start encouraging girls at a young age to prevent propaganda from which influencing

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