The Importance Of Retail Management

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Becoming a retail manager is a big achievement, and a lot of responsibility. Retail management is something I want to do with my life. Being in charge of people, as well as interacting with customers, and making sure everyone is satisfied with their items that’s what I love to see and do. Being responsible of a facility, and running around is what I want to look into. Being on the go, and making sure the facility has an amazing staff is also something I want to do. My manager walks in to work every day. Always the first one there, but isn’t always the last one to stay. She starts her day off by making sure the whole facility is turned on, working, and making sure everything is running the way everything should be running. As the day goes …show more content…
Most likely they are the first one to be in the store, and are the last ones to leave. Unless they are part time, they won’t be the last to leave, but they do leave late. They must have good marketing, analytical, communication, and great people skills. Managers have to do multiple tasks at their job. Hiring employees, training their new employees, and supervising their employees are just a few of the responsibilities. Maintaining the facility, managing inventory, monitoring expenditure, receipts, and making sure all employees are keeping good public relations, along with having good relationships with the public and employees are some additional responsibilities. Management takes care of their employees as well. They assign a to do list for employees each new day. They monitor all employees, as well as promoting, but only when the time is right. Managers are also in charge of not just promoting but giving employees raises. If an employee is failing, or isn’t doing very well, management try to have them improve and strive to do better. They make sure that guests are happy and satisfied. If a guest isn’t satisfied, or is being difficult, managers deal with those customers, employees shouldn’t have …show more content…
A few of the different managements are assistant manager, department manager, distribution manager, and store manager. These different types of managements all have a different part, but a huge responsibility, and play a huge role for a facility. On an online article it stated, “Managers have to perform many roles in an organization and how they handle various situations will depend on their style of management. A management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager” (Management Styles). The article proves that all management have many roles and responsibility. Some do specific projects like checking out other stores to see what they have in store while other managements do things such as purchase merchandise. Some managements do pay rolls, keeps records of all the employees, and merchandise while other management trains and hires new employees or keeps them updated with new sales, trends, or new season

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